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Why you should lift for losing weight

To lose the weight or to not lose the weight? That is the question.

It could very well be the question, but you know the answer. And it should be a definitive yes! Why lose the weight? Well other than it helps you fit in those brand new jeans you just bought a little better (you spent $80 on them, might as well look good in them), losing some extra pounds can lead to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol which can decrease the odds of heart disease and better sleep patterns among other things.

Now why should strength training be added to other means of weight loss? Well it will increase you muscle mass which will in turn raise your metabolic rate for starters. What is metabolic rate you ask? It is the amount of calories your body burns while performing basic body functions such as sleeping, breathing, cell growth and repair. So as you gain strength, your body will help you burn more calories than you take in which is how weight loss occurs. You’ll be burning calories even when you’re not trying which is something cardio training (running on a treadmill or eliptical) cannot give you. To learn more on metabolism check out hormonal weight loss.

In addition to raising your metabolic rate, strength training (anaerobic exercise) releases hormones that can aide in fat loss. Strength training also know as anabolic lifting (anabolic means to build up, so you’re building up muscle) can release testosterone which in studies has been shown to decrease body fat on subjects. Strength training can also release adrenaline, which is useful in weight loss. Pumping some iron will also lower cortisol levels in the body which is a fat storing hormone. So you’re hitting weight loss from different directions and not just from a calorie deficit route.

Other benefits of strength training include

  1. Bone strength
  2. Improved balance
  3. Disease prevention
  4. Increase energy

All in all, strength training  can provide benefits no other types of exercise can provide.