Great Resources for Beginners in Weight Loss

People want weight loss. But whats the best protocol to achieve weight loss? Weights? Cardio? Nutrition? Even if you have an idea on how you want to blast away those pounds, its useful to have many tools available at your disposal to  reach your goals. Whether it’s good eating habits, tips and workouts or success stories of extreme weight loss, this post will fill you with knowledge.

Lets compare 2 different people. Person A works out 6 days week intensely but follows a poor diet and eating routine. Person B only works for 3 days a week but is conscious of calorie intake and what the body is using as fuel. Who do you think is likely to lose weight or change their body composition? This person would be Person B. No matter how much you workout, your diet is going to be the single most important aspect in your dreams of weight loss. Lets look at it like this. You exercise to lose weight or get fit. How does exercise help you with weight loss? It burns calories. So if you pig your way to eating 3000 fat storing calories and only burn 250 at the gym, you body is still likely storing weight. But if you eat 1500-2000 calories and burn 250 cals at the gym, that is an extra 1000 calories you body isn’t storing. So what you eat is crucial to what you want to change. Check out some great nutrition advice here to answer all your basic diet questions.

Still don’t believe that strength training will help you burn calories even after you’ve left the gym? Precor and Udemy give great advice on why pumping some iron increases your metabolism and how changing up routines challenges the body for improved health.

Finally, after months of eating right, hitting the gym and getting adequate amounts of rest and recovery you’ve shed the pounds! Congratulations. But things don’t quite look the way you expect. With massive weight loss, saggy skin and stretch marks can appear. Skin which is an organ comprised of living cells stretches out in weight gain and when we finally lose the pounds the skin loses it’s elasticity.Think of it like a stretched out rubber band. To a certain extent, you can stretch it before it recoils back to it’s normal starting position. But if you stretch it to far, it loses the elasticity and stays stretched out, much like our skin. That said, you skin will eventually come back to normal but it may take up to 2 years before it fully recovered. Get-Fit Guy does a great job explaining the situation and Erika has a first hand look on what she went through.


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